Snapple was having trouble connecting with people outside of their heartland (The Northeast). I helped lead the team to dream up a fully integrated campaign that united the country by anchoring to a cultural truth we can all relate to - some things were never meant to be complicated.

Script by Josh Muhlbaum


Faculty Advisors || Meryl Blau & Melissa Barnes (feat. Captain)

Creative Team || Josh Muhlbaum, Mia Rafowitz, Alex Piccirilli, Zina Dornbusch, Josh Holin, Matt Ellis, Maria Zarazua, Keira Vollandt, Seth Schreiber, Noelle Rode, Willa Deeley, Ring Chen, Gala Ricote

Account Team || Nicole Roman, Jack Roizental, Juan Pelaez, Marisa Monaco, Monique Beaupre, Juliette Henry, Taylor McLean, Martha Iturri, Steph Alcala, Diego Aguilar

*Student Work (2016 National Student Advertising Competition)